Celebrating America’s National Parks

The National Park system includes over 84 million acres that are preserved and protected for the people of the United States and this includes the National Parks and most of the National Monuments.  The National Park Service will be marking its centennial on August 25, 2016.  The largest of the National Parks are in the western half of the country, and Yellowstone National Park was the first park with this designation.  Currently, the most visited National Park is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park located in North Carolina and Tennessee.  The Flight 93 National Memorial is part of the National Park system. Some new books about the National Parks have been published this year to commemorate the centennial, and these books will interest travel planners and armchair travelers.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to America’s National Parks and The National Parks An Illustrated History:  100 Years of American Splendor are two of the best books available at your neighborhood library.  Both books have stunning photographs that highlight the best scenic views of the National Parks.