Celebrity Struggles and Successes

Do celebrities have it all? Sure, they may be rich, famous, gorgeous and gifted but what costs come with fame? How do celebrities embrace their status or handle relationships under the spotlight?

Go behind the scenes and facades to discover the secrets these well-known figures are eager to share. From writing a letter to a man she will never meet, Mary-Louise Parker begins a series of letters she wrote to men who had or may have some influence over her life.

Go back in time to discover the challenges and sacrifices that Beyoncé and her family encountered to shape and transform the talented singer into the superstar that we know today. Or see what it was like for Jesse Jaymes to live and train with a Navy SEAL, who is so serious about his role as trainer that he takes no prisoners when it comes to physical fitness and security.

Want to know how to have it all? Michael Strahan shares his secrets to success, “Strahan’s Rules.” Through personal stories and other people’s wisdom, Strahan has succeeded over and over again. Since relationships are difficult for everyone, Whoopi Goldberg shares her knowledge and experiences attempting to keep others from making her same mistakes.

Born into the fame and fortune of one of the premier Hollywood families, Drew Barrymore confides in readers what it was like living on her own since the age of 14. She shares her life lessons and experiences growing from a child actress to a producer, entrepreneur and parent.

Finally, find out what it is like for the fictitious Brandon Ringer to “become his late grandfather.” While working as a celebrity lookalike, Brandon encounters a man who is obsessed with the memory of his handsome late grandfather, who died a tragic death at 21.

Get a glimpse of the fame and fortune that come with great success and see how the people in these stories embrace the celebrity lifestyle.

Becoming Beyoncé

Singer Beyoncé Knowles was born to be a star. With just a little coaching and a lot of practice, Beyoncé transformed from a talented shy 8-year-old singer into the superstar she is today.

Dead Ringer

Brandon Ringer, the poor grandson of late Hollywood heartthrob James Ringer, who died tragically at 21, decides to become a celebrity lookalike to make some cash. But nothing could have prepared him for how his life will change once he “becomes” his grandfather.

Dear Mr. You

In actress Mary-Louise Parker’s debut book, she recounts her memories through a series of letters to some of the important men in her life. From the Grandfather she never met to the future man who loves her daughter, each letter is heartfelt and unique.

Living with a SEAL: 31 Days with the Toughest Man on the Planet

When billionaire and risk taker Jesse Itzler finds himself in a rut, he hires a Navy SEAL to come live and train with him for a month in his lavish Uptown apartment. The caveat is that Jesse obey the SEAL no matter what–including taking a couple dips in a frozen lake.


Born into “Hollywood royalty,” Drew Barrymore, decided to divorce her parents and live alone at the age of 14. Follow her funny, outrageous adventures and memories since leaving home.