Chapter and Verse: Joy Division, New Order and Me

Original and founding member of the seminal new wave bands Joy Division and New Order steps out from his private life to reveal his personal story behind the experience in his autobiography, Chapter and Verse. This is Bernard’s back story of the two highly influential bands and how they pioneered the post-punk and electronica genres. Bernard reflects upon an unusually tough upbringing in rough, depressed, and industrial Salford, England and how that contributed to the steely, dour, and stark sound of Joy Division. The tragic suicide of singer Ian Curtis brings an end to Joy Division but then becomes a very transformative moment. For musician types, there are sufficient accounts of song writing process and disclosure of recording and musical equipment used. Bernard delves into his interest and exploration of do-it-yourself synthesizer building, which became a defining signature of the sound of New Order. Over all, it is a selective and introspective personal telling of the motives, inspirations, and events from a guardedly private person that happened to be a driving force behind two internationally acclaimed music groups.