Classic Cookies with Modern Twists

I found this little cookbook last winter when I was getting ready to embark on some holiday baking. I had been on the hunt for a new Snickerdoodle recipe – I really wanted to find one that would give me a chewier cookie – and added this book to my holds along with a few others. There’s a good reason I’m coming back to it this baking season.

Inside, you’ll find 44 recipes for classic cookies, divided over five categories: scooped, sandwiched, rolled, spread in a pan and Holiday. Each one comes with directions for an additional ‘twist’ to shake things up a bit. Most are simple additions or substitutions, like a change in flavoring or adding in a different fruit, but the ideas are great starting point for thinking outside of the box on recipes you know and love.

For me, the book is worth it just for the Snickerdoodle recipe (and its Cappuccino counterpart). It’ll be one I come back to year after year.