Classic Whodunits

Even if you already know the ending, these classic whodunits are worth another read.

The Circular Staircase

Published in 1908, this gothic mystery/romance is still hugely entertaining.

Don't Look Now: Stories

This collection of macabre stories by a hugely underrated author includes The Birds, the classic filmed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Greek Coffin Mystery

Ellery Queen starts off by being spectacularly wrong in this mystery by the author whose name is synonymous with “mystery”.

The Moonstone

Published in 1868, the mystery is secondary to the character development in the novel that probably influenced all of our well known mystery writers.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Written in 1927, this is one of the most famous mysteries and a classic example of narrative manipulation.

Some Buried Caesar

A rare instance of Nero Wolfe emerging from his Manhattan brownstone to solve the case—but the evidence keeps disappearing.

Strong Poison

Lord Peter Wimsey would like to ask Harriet Vane to marry him, but first he must prove she did not murder her previous beau.