CLP’s Best of 2023 – Teen Manga

As a Teen Specialist, I read a lot of manga and hear about a lot of manga. Whether you are looking for something supernatural, romantic or action packed, there’s something for everyone on this list of what are the best manga series I’ve read in 2023!

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Choujin X

Tokio is your average student, but he becomes anything but average when he gets the powers of the Vulture Choujin and joins a group of other superpowered humans hoping to stop the end of the world.

Dark Gathering

Keitaro is a tutor who had a past encounter with a cursed spirit. He becomes the tutor for a young girl named Yayoi who can see spirits herself. They become allies in taking on Tokyo’s spirit problem.


A human enters a tournament meant for demons to determine their next dark lord… and wins! Soon Helck and his frenemy, the demon Vermilio, are traveling through times and worlds to save their own from being destroyed.

Insomniacs After School

Two very different insomniacs decide to use the astronomy club room to meet up and find some respite from their sleeping issues. They may even end up finding love!  


In a world where each country is represented by a different superhero, Japan’s goes by Shy due to her social anxiety. She must come to terms with her abilities and gain confidence in herself if she is to defeat a villain threatening the world.