Dirty Grandpa is Super Dirty

I like it when comedies have heart. Dirty Grandpa is a movie about love and loss, of doing what makes you happy and being your own person. It also features Zac Efron accidentally smoking crack and doing The Macarena mostly-naked as well as Robert De Niro singing a karaoke version of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day”.

Put the kids to bed before you watch this hilarious movie.

There’s a parallel between De Niro’s career and his character here–both are old and have put in the time being “respectable”. They feel they’ve earned the right to cut loose and I have to agree.  I think the best part of this movie, besides the more emotional bits, is seeing De Niro letting his freak flag fly, acting like someone Efron’s age might act.

Of course it’s not without its flaws. There’s more than a few pacing problems and Julianne Hough’s character comes across as a cheap parody, but if you don’t mind really (really) raunchy movies, check out Dirty Grandpa.


Dirty Grandpa

Jason Kelly (Efron), an uptight lawyer headed down the wrong path, is tricked by his rambunctious grandpa, Dick (De Nero), into taking an outrageous road trip. While his methods may be unconventional, Dick is determined to teach Jason how to live life on his own terms.