Do You Judge Books By Their Covers?

When you think of World War II fiction, do you think of bombed out buildings and men in uniforms? Or, do you envision the back of a woman in a dress coat, heels and a hat? If not the latter, you may be missing half of the story.

We’ve noticed a distinct trend in the covers of recent World War II novels. Coincidence or marketing gone mad? You decide.

The Atomic City Girls

In 1944, June Walker joins hundreds of young women who operate massive machines that will help win the war. How their work helps the war effort is never explained to the girls, and soon June starts asking too many questions about their work. This book is also available on Hoopla as an eBook, an eAudiobook, and on Libby/Overdrive as eBook and eAudiobook.


The Light Over London

In present day London, Cara Hargraves discovers a World War II diary and the photograph of a young woman in uniform. Compelled to find out who this young woman is, Cara begins an adventure and in the end learns more about herself than she thought possible.

The Lost Letter

An edelweiss, “an expression of love [and] proof of unusual daring,” is found hidden within an Austrian stamp that still seals an unopened letter from World War II. In 1989 Los Angeles, Katie Nelson is determined to understand the meaning of the stamp, and why the stamp and unopened letter is so important to her ailing father.

Mistress of the Ritz

American actress, Blanche, and her French husband Claude run the Hotel Ritz in Paris even after high-ranking Nazi soldiers commandeer the hotel as their Paris headquarters. Unbeknownst to each other, both Blanche and Claude begin working in the French Resistance.  Near misses and thrilling espionage culminate in a startling revelation of Blanche’s past that reveals what we are willing to do to survive.

The Paris Seamstress

Estella Bissette flees Paris in 1940 and travels to New York to start her life determined to make a name for herself in the fashion world. Years later, Estella’s granddaughter Fabienne attends a Met Gala exhibit of her grandmother’s work and learns there is much more to Estella’s story.

Resistance Women

Mildred Fish marries brilliant German economist Arvid Harnack and moves with him from Wisconsin to Germany. In early 1930s Berlin, Mildred and Arvid create a happy life surrounded by intelligent and creative friends, but as Hitler and his Nazi followers come into power the Harnacks learn they must pick sides.

The Wartime Sisters

Sisters Ruth and Millie Kaplan have never been close.  Fate intervenes and they are forced back together at the Springfield Armory. At the Armory, surrounded by friends and enemies, they must work together to help the war effort and learn how to accept the past.