Don’t Miss These August 2017 Releases

The reviews for these titles were so intriguing that we looked forward to their arrival and want to make sure that you don’t miss out on them.

Class Mom

Finally, a free-spirited character who says the things we are all thinking but are too scared to say out loud.

Impossible Views of the World

A witty, urbane, and sometimes shocking debut novel, set in a hallowed New York museum, in which a co-worker’s disappearance and a mysterious map change a life forever.

The Grip of It

A chilling literary horror novel about a young couple haunted by their newly purchased home that oozes with palpable terror and skin-prickling dread.

The Walls

Only committing the perfect crime can save them.

See What I Have Done

When the Borden’s dysfunction becomes menacing and erupts into violence their daughter Lizzie is thrust into the limelight and becomes the star of of an unholy crime.

New People

Maria, who is engaged to Khalil, finds herself questioning their status as “King and Queen of the Racially Nebulous Prom and begins stalking a poet she barely knows. Heartbreaking and darkly comic, New People is a bold and unfettered page-turner that challenges our every assumption about how we define one another, and ourselves.