Don’t Miss These January 2018 Releases

The reviews for these titles are so intriguing we want to give you an opportunity to get your requests in early.

A Map of the Dark

A riveting portrait of a woman haunted by her family legacy, and a race-against-time thriller. For fans of Tana French and Megan Abbott.

The Wolves of Winter

A captivating tale of humanity pushed beyond its breaking point, of family and bonds of love forged when everything is lost, and of a heroic young woman who crosses a frozen landscape to find her destiny.

Two Girls Down

“Opening this book is like arming a bomb–the suspense is relentless and the payoff is spectacular.” -Lee Child


In the solid second entry in Smith’s seasonally themed quartet of novels (following Booker Prize-finalist Autumn), three estranged relatives and a charming stranger argue their way through Christmas in a manor house in the English countryside.

Mouths Don't Speak

This is a harrowing, thoughtful dive into the aftermath of national and personal tragedies filtered through diasporic life.