Don’t Miss These November/December 2016 Releases

The reviews for these titles were so intriguing that we looked forward to their arrival and want to make sure that you don’t miss out on them.

Culdesac (War with No Name)

A bobcat named Culdesac, his savage feline army and a really big bunch of intelligent ants are out to teach humanity a lesson.

The Done Thing

Retired orthodontist becomes the pen pal of the convict that murdered her sister.

Evelyn, After

After discovering that her psychiatrist husband is cheating on her, Evelyn must put her rage on a slow boil.

Extreme Makeover

Health & Beauty skin lotion alters the DNA of anyone that uses it.

Kill the Next One

Terminally ill patient Ted McKay is hired as a hitman to end the lives of people who either deserve or desire death.


Man is being held locked in a cell until he writes the story his captors want to read.


Dystopian tale of the earth in 2050 where temperatures are rising, law & order is disappearing and hope doesn’t exist–except in the Splinterlands.

The Unknown Huntsman

Life will never be the same for a small village after everyone’s favorite hairdresser is dragged off into the woods and murdered–in this dark, dark, comedy.