Don’t Miss These July 2018 Releases

The reviews for these titles are so intriguing we want to give you an opportunity to get your requests in early.

Half Moon Bay

A woman’s loss is multiplied in this fun house mirror of character study and psychological suspense.

The Chairman's Toys

This trip to Vancouver is fraught with uniquely individual characters, an appealingly lowbrow sleuth, and a black humor zigzag of a plot.

The Banker's Wife

This twisty glimpse into the world of billionaire banking offers an education with thrills attached.

When We Found Home

A heartwarming story about a family broken and brought back together to mend. It’s a bumpy ride and perfect for an escapist summer read.


The daughter of a senator is found starved to death in a cage. This one may be too graphic for some but promises to be engrossingly suspenseful.

Baby Teeth

What’s a parent to do when all the tests given rule out everything but budding sociopath? Sounds like Hanna could give Rhoda (The Bad Seed) a run for her money.

A Study in Honor

Holmes and Watson are re-imagined as black women in this futuristic dystopian mystery. As far out as this premise sounds, well done and riveting are just a couple of the positive  responses to this book.