Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten

After World War II there was a huge explosion in pop music being produced and performed in Cambodia. Musicians and songwriters started mixing elements of traditional music with the latest Western trends to create something truly unique and different. On this album you will find a broad assortment of genres: go-go bands, girl groups, lounge, bubble-gum pop, funk and psychedelia. 

Unfortunately, this happening music scene could not withstand the forces of war and political upheaval. Director  John Pirozzi lovingly brings this music back to the public’s attention in his documentary, also titled Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten. This CD collects all of the music from the documentary, with an interesting mix of Cambodia’s most popular rock stars (Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Serey Sothea) with lesser known artists (Yol Aularong, Pou Vannary). This collection is a must-listen for fans of international pop music.