Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic

Award-winning journalist, Sam Quinones, looks at the current heroin epidemic starting at its roots. In Dreamland, Quinones displays the storytelling ability of a novelist and combines it with excellent investigative journalism. His account traces the history, examines the causes, and reveals the central players in the current heroin epidemic. The reader is led from a small town in Mexico, to the corporate offices of big pharmaceutical companies and Doctors’ offices along the way. By studying the devastation in small-town America and telling the personal stories of many suffering from addiction, he provides a fascinating, honest look at this tragic crisis.

Dreamland : the true tale of America's opiate epidemic

This intensively investigated book by veteran Journalist Sam Quinones identifies the many forces that have contributed to the current opiate epidemic. From drug cartels in Mexico, to Big Pharma in the US, Quinones has traced the many causes of what has become a full-blown crisis of opiate addiction in the United States.