Easy Photography and 3D Photos That Pop!

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Maybe you’ve been spending a bit more time outdoors admiring the changing seasons and seeing your front stoop in a new light. Or maybe you have an eye for capturing the perfect food photo for social media or are looking for a new hobby to pass the time this winter. Whatever your reason, there has never been a better time to refine your photography skills!  

Professional photography used to involve lots of expensive camera equipment and long trips to a darkroom or an even longer wait to have your photos developed by a local shop. Now, all it requires is a smartphone, a home printer or a short trip to one of many places with instant printers. Once you’ve perfected your photography skills, there are endless ways to display your work.  

Head over to @clpvideo on YouTube for our how-to video on 3D photos. You can also get more inspiration by checking out these resources on the web and at the Library to help you become a photography pro! 

Resource Links:

Photography Foundations: Mobile Photography (lynda.com) 

Discover how to use any smartphone camera as a serious photographic instrument, leveraging built-in features, accessories and apps designed to expand shooting power. Instructor Ben Long starts with an in-depth exploration of photography basics and how to adjust camera settings for the best results in different conditions. He then discusses ways to solve typical challenges faced in everyday shooting such as fast motion, low or bright light and framing. You’ll also learn about using advanced camera capabilities such as white balance, HDR (high dynamic range) and RAW format. 

Mobile Photography Weekly (lynda.com) 

Mobile photography can mean everything from iPhone and Android snapshots to sophisticated image editing on a phone or tablet. Mobile Photography Weekly is the weekly series that covers it all, from Instagram to Photoshop Fix, from camera phone tripod mounts to add-on lenses. Tune in each Tuesday to learn a new tip or technique, discover new apps and add-ons and get the most out of the mobile photography revolution. 

Amateur Photographer, Jul 4, 2020, (68)  (ebscohost.com)

Examples of DIY 3D photography art.  

How To Make Your Photos 3D! 

Blog and photo walk-through of DIY 3D photos using multiple prints of the same photos.  

Want To Take Better Smartphone Photos? Try These 10 Tips From Pro Photographers – TIME Magazine  

Tips for smartphone photography.  

10 Quick Beginner Tips for Fantastic Mobile Phone Photography Digital Photography School 

Ten easy-to-follow tips for smartphone photography.  

Titles Available Exclusively on Hoopla:

50 Photo Projects by Lee Frost (Hoopla) 

Build your portfolio (or just have fun) with dozens of inventive and inspiring ideas.

Whether you want to get more from your DSLR or are simply looking for new creative avenues to explore, 50 Photo Projects shows you how to break out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Packed with invaluable tips on how to create stunning photographs, this book provides the bright ideas that will reinvigorate your photography, from inspiration on finding subjects to inventive projects with vintage, pinhole and toy cameras. 

Titles Available To Order Through the Library Catalog or Overdrive:

Photo Craft Creative Mixed-Media and Digital Approaches To Transforming Your Photographs

Using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements and following thorough, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn to make basic adjustments to your photographs that will yield stunning and artistic results. You’ll also learn to use those photographs—along with some everyday mixed-media supplies—to create unique and personal art. Available on OverDrive.

Smartphone Photography in Easy Steps: Covers iPhones and Android Phones

Smartphone cameras have evolved from being useful for taking quick snapshots to being powerful and sophisticated devices that, for many people, have replaced the need to use a separate camera. Smartphone Photography, in easy steps, looks at all aspects of using your smartphone or tablet as a one-stop shop for all of your photographic needs.