Eerie Reads for Autumn Nights

October is my favorite month, and there’s nothing like spending a chilly night with a suspenseful book. While none of these books are necessarily “horror” proper, each will haunt you through either mesmerizing stories or oddly memorable characters.

House of Leaves

This avant-garde, complex, labyrinthine, and peculiar work uses typography and footnotes to recount two haunting narratives. Johnny Truant pieces together a manuscript concerning The Navidson Record, a documentary about a family and their new house which can only be described as an animated M.C. Escher drawing. Stylistically complex, this paranormal story-within-a-story will leave you guessing and obsessing.

The Sinner

New mother Cora has killed a man at the beach during a family vacation, but has no motive and seemingly no true narrative of her past. One detective is determined to uncover the elements of her complicated and strange behavior, and instead unravels an unbelievable twist of horrors in this page-turning psychological thriller.

Broken Monsters

Detroit homicide detective Gabriella Versado is tasked with an exceptionally gruesome case in this genre-redefining thriller full of immersive characters and atmospheric horror.


Scientists exploring planet Solaris discover that the planet manifests an ability to cast their secret, guilty concerns into a material form for each scientist to personally confront.