Matthew Desmond tells the engrossing story of 8 families, all in Milwaukee, struggling to find affordable housing.  Desmond, who spent a year embedded in the poorest neighborhoods of Milwaukee while researching the book, provides a first-hand look at the daily obstacles facing below the poverty line Americans. Desmond provides a perspective that is compassionate and balanced and tells the story of the unending onslaught of forces that thwart the efforts of these families to keep a roof over their heads. The result highlights the urgency of the current housing crisis in the U.S. for low-income renters.  An important book that every American should read.

Evicted : Poverty and Profit in the American City

Sociologist Matthew Desmond provides a fascinating look at the lives of 8 low-income families in Milwaukee struggling to find a decent place to live. By profiling the lives of both tenants and landlords, Desmond provides a balanced yet dire look at the housing crisis in the US.