Explore South Korean Culture

Maybe you listen to BigBang on repeat, have some TONYMOLY face mask sheets to use at night, or been binging on Boys Over Flowers through Netflix, but how much do you really know about South Korean culture? If you have always been curious about this fascinating country, you have come to the right place! Also, don’t forget to take it one step further and take our Korean language classes offered at Main (Oakland) at three levels: Beginners, Level Two, and Advanced!

Korea: The Impossible Country

Daniel Tudor explores the cultural foundation, the character, the political sphere, and the society of what makes Korea so unique as a fascinating country. Get to know some history to learn about how South Korea came to be following the split from North Korea, in which they have gone through two phases of incredible change: economic development and complete democratization.

Eating Korea: Reports on a Culinary Renaissance

Graham Holliday takes a trip down the rabbit hole on what makes Korean food so special and intriguing, especially considering the ever-evolving state of the country during the past couple decades. Mixed with traditional roots and modern flavors, Holliday finds that the Korean cuisine is constantly exploring global influences, yet still maintains a sense of familiarity for the locals.

The Birth of Korean Cool: How One Nation is Conquering the World through Pop Culture

You probably heard of the intensely popular “Gangnam Style” performed by South Korean pop star Psy, but Euny Hong takes this into further consideration by exploring how South Korean pop music has quickly become an international sensation. Hong also investigates how South Korea, once a very traditional and straight-laced country, became a hotspot for mass-producing boy bands, soap operas, beauty products, and so much more.

The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin

There is certain a massive trend of Korean beauty products surging in the recent years, especially with cute animal face masks and super foaming face cleansers, and Charlotte Cho will take you into what makes these products so great. Founder of Soko Glam, a Korean beauty and lifestyle website, Cho goes into great detail on skin care routines, how to assess products and prices, and pampering tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing.