Exploring Watercolor Painting


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Now that the holidays are over and we’re all still stuck at home, you might be looking for a new hobby to keep you busy and entertained through the winter. One of my favorite creative pastimes for all ages is watercolor paintingI love it because it’s cheap and easy – you don’t need much specialized equipment and even a total beginner can achieve some great results. There are also lots of fun techniques to try like using tape or masking fluid for resist painting. You can also try using reagents like salt or rubbing alcohol to create an interesting texture in your work. If you’d like to try your hand at watercolor painting, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has you covered with a great range of books for beginners. Check out some of the titles below and see what you can create!  

If you’re looking for more inspiration, your library card gives you access to Creativebug where you can find over 1,000 creative video classes and tutorials. Two of my favorite classes exploring watercolor techniques are Resist Painting Techniques with Watercolor and Watercolor Effects Using SaltFinally, from Jan. 4, check out the CLP YouTube channel @clpvideo to watch my beginner efforts at using tape resist and salt sprinkling techniques to make a watercolor greetings card. These cards are so quick and easy to paint that I’m planning on making enough to send them as thank you cards now that the holidays are over