Eyes & Spies: How You’re Tracked and Why You Should Know

It’s hard to think about privacy when you’re busy posting stories to Snapchat, using Messenger to talk to friends and trying to get your homework done on Google Classroom.

Eyes & Spies: How You’re Tracked and Why You Should Know will change that. In other words, this book will freak you out! Did you know that cameras in grocery stores use facial recognition software on you to figure out who you are and what you buy? Me neither. And did you know that hackers can actually get access to your computer’s webcam to record you when you think you’re alone? (I always thought this one was a myth, but I was wrong.)

Learn about all this and more in this short book that’s full of colorful images to help explain what’s going on in our technology-filled, big data world. With stories about everything from military drones to government spies pretending to be activists to creepy toys, something is sure to surprise you. In fact, it might even get you to turn off the phone!

Eyes & Spies: How You're Tracked and Why You Should Know

This book looks at the way information and data is collected and used by individuals, governments, companies, and organizations. Arguments for both increased security and increased privacy are offered, encouraging readers to think critically about the issues. Topics relevant to children are included, such as being tracked at school, cyberbullying, and online safety.