First Comes Love

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It happened three days before Christmas and the day after his 25th birthday. Daniel, a third year medical student was killed in a car accident. Now as the 15 year anniversary of his tragic death nears, family and friends mourn the loss.

But underneath the mourning, some loved ones carry secrets and guilt. What actually happened on that fateful night begins to come clear.

Consequences of things lost that may have been become more blurred as the realities of the tragedy are brought into focus through present circumstances and the passage of time. Will those that Daniel left behind heal themselves and become closer? Or will all the truths suppressed for so long be too hard to overcome?

First Comes Love

As the 15th anniversary of the tragic sudden death of 25-year-old Daniel approaches, family and friends remember the past, share their guilt concerning things that could have been and prepare themselves for the future without their loved one taken away from them too soon.