Food Lovers’ Histories

The sizzle of shawarma as it hits the grill, chili paste garnishing a bowl of hand-pulled noodles, cider bubbling over the rim of a wine flute – could you read about these things all day? If so, this is the food writing booklist for you. Not only will these indulgent nonfiction books stir up your appetite, but they’ll give you insights into the histories behind the food we eat every day. 

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Bite By Bite: Nourishments and Jamborees

This is the first book of food writing from a renowned poet, containing essays about delighting in different foods and culinary traditions, as well as investigating how they inform our own identities. 

Ten Tomatoes That Changed the World

It’s hard to imagine many cuisines worldwide without the tomato – but did you know that it took about 300 years for tomatoes to be introduced to Italian food? Or that tomato pills were once marketed as a medicinal tonic? Dive into this book and learn more about the surprising history of tomatoes. 

Zabar’s: A Family Story, With Recipes

Historian Lori Zabar traces the history of her Ukrainian Jewish family as they immigrated to the United States and established the now-iconic New York City grocery store known for its smoked fish, coffee, cheese, and kitchen wares. 

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