Get outside and explore!

The magic and wonder of summer has arrived! School’s out, the days are long, and the temperature’s fine. Your own backyard or neighborhood park is the perfect place to explore with your little adventurer this summer. Make a point of slowing down to investigate the small wonders of the natural world. Turn over a rock and see what’s hiding beneath. (Make sure to put it back, of course.) Observe the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds busily moving throughout. Chose a few leaves or wildflowers to identify. (There’s an app for that.) Caregivers: Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. Seeking information about new topics is a great way to model learning. Here are a couple new non-fiction books to get you started. And one funny picture book to laugh over together.

Fabulous Frogs

Looks at all kinds of frogs, from exotic species to the common greenish-brown specimens found in backyards, discussing their characteristics, life cycles, and habitats.

How to Find a Fox

Equipped with a camera and determination, an adventurous little girl tries to track down an elusive red fox, which proves more difficult than she thought.