Go West

Literature gets a western brand in these six tales of courage, hardship, fighting and survival, that take place during the brief but tumultuous period known as  the American “Wild West”.

Days Without End

After fleeing the Irish potato famine, young Thomas McNulty joins the U.S. Cavalry, battles against the Sioux and creates a most unusual family.

Little Big Man

The 111-year old Jack Crabb takes an amusing look back at his totally conflicted life–both living & working as a Cheyenne Warrior and as a horse soldier in the army of General George Armstrong Custer.


In 1876 the ill and aging Wild Bill Hickcock enters the town of Deadwood, hoping for a little bit of rest and relaxation and trying to avoid any type of gun play. Good luck with that!

Blood Meridian

A fourteen-year-old boy from Tennessee blunders into the horrific world of scalping and murder for pay along the Texas-Mexico border. An incredibly brutal novel.

Lonesome Dove

The third book of the Lonesome Dove series finds a memorable assortment of cowboy/cowgirl/cowpoke characters, just trying to get it right.

The Dying Grass

Story of the persecution of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perces as they attempt to escape the U.S. Army by fleeing from Oregon across Montana and into Canada.  The book is over 1,500 pages long and the first 75 pages are nearly incomprehensible, but what follows can be considered a masterpiece.