Great Westerns for Teens

Wide open spaces. A long trek through the wilderness. A desperate search for a loved one. These are the hallmarks of a compelling Western.

You might think of Westerns as something your grandparents or your parents enjoy. Or as stories that are only engaging on the silver screen. But these Westerns feature young, gritty teenage main characters who take on tasks that might seem too arduous even for hardened cowboys or outlaws. Whether searching for a long lost relative, revenge for the loss of a loved one, or yes, even battling the undead, these teens embody the spirit of true Western tales.

Vengeance Road

When her father is murdered for a mysterious journal that reveals the location of a hidden gold mine, eighteen-year-old Kate Thompson disguises herself as a boy and takes to the gritty plains looking for answers–and justice.

Dead Reckoning

In 1867 Texas, Jett, a girl passing as a boy while seeking her long-lost twin brother, joins forces with Honoraria Gibbons, an inventor, and White Fox, a young Army scout, to investigate a zombie army that is terrorizing the West.

Grace and the Guiltless

When the Guiltless Gang murders her family for their Arizona horse ranch outside Tombstone, Grace vows to devote her life to revenge, but the Chiricahua she finds sanctuary with try to teach her a better way.

True Grit

A fourteen year old girl enlists the help of a one-eyed U.S. Marshal to pursue her father’s murderer into Indian Territory.

Ghost Medicine

Still mourning the recent death of his mother, seventeen-year-old Troy Stotts relates the events of the previous year when he and his two closest friends try to retaliate against the sheriff’s son, who has been bullying them for years.

Written in Blood

A young man’s search for the father who abandoned him takes him through the wilds of the Arizona Territory and northern Mexico during the 1870s and brings him in contact with an assortment of intriguing characters.