Here to Help: Health & Wellness

By sharing stories together and having conversations about the books you read, you can help young children understand the world around them. Seeing diverse experiences represented in books helps children to explore their own identities and develop empathy for others.

Not every book is available at all locations, but any title can be requested. The children’s librarian at your neighborhood library is also here to help, with suggestions for additional titles on topics of interest–or feel free to suggest some titles to us. New books are always being added to the collection. You can find more Here to Help booklists on different topics by clicking here.

Bear Feels Sick

When Bear is too sick to play, his animal friends go to his cave to make him soup and tea and keep him company.

Body Actions

Young readers learn about the human body and how the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems function.

Fish Are Not Afraid of Doctors

Maud gets nervous while sitting in the doctor’s office, but when she pretends she is one of the fish in the waiting room, her checkup–and shot–are over in no time. Includes note to caregivers.

Good Morning Yoga: A Pose-By-Pose Wake Up Story

Yoga helps children learn how to focus, relax, and both self-monitor and self-soothe. “Good Morning Yoga” instills these four skills and more, enabling children to jumpstart the day with excitement and meet the adventures that come with mindfulness and perspective.

I Care For My Teeth

Carefully leveled text allows the youngest readers to read independently and learn about healthy teeth. Includes glossary.

Hop Hop Jump

Rhyming text, accompanied by labeled illustrations that identify parts of the body, encourages readers to wiggle and twist, stomp and zig-zag, and hug and shrug.

Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect

Explores concepts of body boundaries in a child-friendly and easily understood manner, employing familiar scenarios for children to engage with and discuss. Includes discussion questions for parents, caregivers, and educators.

I Eat Well

Carefully leveled text allows the youngest readers to read independently and learn about the importance of eating well.

Josie's Lost Tooth

Josie is first and best at almost everything–but losing her first tooth becomes an ordeal. Happily, her best friend Richard provides support.

My Body! What I Say Goes!

Uses age-appropriate illustrations and engaging text to teach children the following crucial and empowering skills in personal body safety: identifying safe and unsafe feelings, recognizing early warning signs, developing a safety network, using the correct names for private parts, understanding the difference between safe and unsafe touch, understanding the difference between secrets and surprises, and respecting body boundaries. Includes discussion questions for parents, caregivers, and educators.

Sick Simon

By not covering his mouth or washing his hands, Simon spreads his cold to his teacher and classmates, much to the delight of three germs named Virus, Protozoa, and Bacteria.

What's So Yummy? All About Eating Well And Feeling Good

Gus, Nellie, and baby Jake visit their community garden before shopping at the farmer’s market and grocery store to gather healthy ingredients that they help prepare for a picnic, in a story that explains the role of nutrition in health.