Here to Help: Books about Security Blankets, Thumb Sucking and Pacifiers

By sharing stories together and having conversations about the books you read, you can help young children understand the world around them. Seeing diverse experiences represented in books helps children to explore their own identities and develop empathy for others.

Security blankets, thumb sucking, and pacifiers can be important elements of a child’s routine and ever changing identity. Address these topics with some of the following titles.

Not every book is available at all locations, but any title can be requested. The children’s librarian at your neighborhood library is also here to help, with suggestions for additional titles on topics of interest–or feel free to suggest some titles to us. New books are always being added to the collection. You can find more Here to Help booklists on different topics by clicking here.


A toddler looks all over the house for a missing pacifier.

Bye-Bye Binky

A little girl explains that she does not need a pacifier anymore, because she is a big kid now.

Flora's Blanket

Flora, a little rabbit, does not want to sleep without her missing blanket, so her family helps her look for it.

Fly, Blanky Fly

Preparing for a grand adventure with his beloved blanket at bedtime, a little boy leaps into an imaginative world where he and his blanket zoom on jet planes, fly to the Moon, and swim in the sea before settling down to sleep.

My Thumb

Follows the antics of a happy little girl who explains how sucking her thumb is comforting and that her parents do not need to worry about it.

No More Blanket for Lambkin

Ducky wants to play laundry day and wash Lambkin’s blanket. But an unexpected event occurs when the blanket is washed.


Owen’s parents try to get him to give up his favorite blanket before he starts school, but when their efforts fail, they come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.


Toby is afraid of heights, but when his cat gets stuck in a tree, Toby must face his fears in order to rescue him.

Thumb Love

Unable to kick her thumb-sucking habit, Lulu develops a twelve-step program to help.