Here to Help: Books about Self Esteem

By sharing stories together and having conversations about the books you read, you can help young children understand the world around them. Seeing diverse experiences represented in books helps children to explore their own identities and develop empathy for others.

Check out these titles that promote positive self esteem and self confidence for young children.

Not every book is available at all locations, but any title can be requested. The children’s librarian at your neighborhood library is also here to help, with suggestions for additional titles on topics of interest–or feel free to suggest some titles to us. New books are always being added to the collection. You can find more Here to Help booklists on different topics by clicking here.

A Bad Case of Stripes

In order to ensure her popularity, Camilla Cream always does what is expected, until the day arrives when she no longer recognizes herself.

Bad Seed

The bad seed changes his mind about being bad and decides that he wants to be happy.


Chrysanthemum loves her name, until she starts going to school and the other children make fun of it.

I Am Enough

Shares a story of loving who you are, respecting others and being kind to one another. You can also check out this title as eAudio on Hoopla, or as eAudio or eBook on Libby/OverDrive.

I Like Myself!

In rhyming text, a little girl expresses confidence and joy in her uniqueness, no matter her outward appearance.

I Love My Hair!

A young African American girl describes the different, wonderful ways she can wear her hair.

Incredible Me!

A girl celebrates her own individuality, from her freckles to her wiggles.

It's Okay to Make Mistakes

Presents a series of situations in which taking chances and trying new things can lead to good results, even if there were mistakes along the way.

Leila in Saffron

Shy and unsure of herself, Leila discovers all the things that make her special with the loving help of her Naani.

Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match

Marisol McDonald, a biracial, nonconformist, soccer-playing pirate-princess with brown skin and red hair, celebrates her uniqueness.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon

A bored chameleon wishes it could be more like all the other animals it sees, but soon decides it would rather just be itself. Cutouts along the edges of the pages display various animals and colors.

Remarkably You

Rhyming text encourages young readers to discover what they are good at and use it to make a difference in big ways or in small ones.

Say Something!

An empowering story about finding your voice, and using it to make the world a better place. You can also check out this title as eAudio on Hoopla.