The Highlander Next Door

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Birch Callahan has seen the trouble men can cause. After witnessing her mother’s four marriages, she takes her mother away from the heartache of her last divorce and moves her to Maine. Birch runs a women’s shelter in Spellbound Falls and doesn’t want a man in her life.  As luck would have it she runs into the Chief of Police and his dog. But there’s something about her neighbor, Niall MacKeage.  Birch can’t figure out how the Chief can be so big and plain-spoken and yet so insightful and compassionate—and hot. Or how she’s falling for a man who acts like someone who possesses the charm of a 12th century Highland Laird.  Birch is a no nonsense woman who does not believe in magic or anything supernatural. Meeting each other sets off sparks. Niall believes her to be someone who runs to trouble instead of away from it and will cause him all kinds of trouble. Birch has many secrets that Niall wants to know about. Will he be able to protect her and the women at the shelter?

Birch and Niall finally become friends with benefits even if its seems like she still doesn’t trust men.  Niall would gladly rush to Birch’s side to protect her from harm, but with their secrets standing between them, he’ll have to reveal his own truth if he wants to keep her.

Will secrets be revealed and does the legend come true for Birch and Niall?

The Highlander Next Door

Birch runs a women’s shelter in Spellbound Falls and has had enough of men. She doesn’t want a man in her life, but there’s something about her new neighbor Niall MacKeage. Niall is attracted to Birch, but knows that she has a secret.