Incorporeal, For Real

In Rosa’s world ghosts are everywhere – except, that is, for the sleepy town of Ingot where she and her mom just moved. You literally have a 0% chance of meeting a ghost in Ingot. It’s lame. So why has a renowned Ghost Appeasement Specialist Librarian like Rosa’s mom, an expert at quelling the finicky whims of those restless souls who linger from beyond the grave, taken up shop in this ghost-less burgh? That’s a question that Rosa, who feels out of place and longs for her old home in the city, rightfully struggles to answer when people in her new home inevitably ask it.

Jasper has lived in Ingot his entire life. Eleven long years and not once has he seen a single, solitary ghost! He has, however, seen more than his fair share of chainmail and sloppy swordplay. As the comical Ingot Renaissance Festival gets underway Jasper, whose parents reign over the festivities, is about to get a little taste of evil to shake up his boredom with all things medieval.

The spooky action starts to swirl when Ingot is upturned by the arrival of an angry spirit and a looming sense that something even worse is on the way. To save her new home Rosa, armed with her knowledge in ghost appeasement and Jasper’s friendship, must uncover the truth of how Ingot became “unhaunted” in the first place and what really happened to all of its ghosts. Find out all the eerie answers in A Properly Unhaunted Place from National Book Award–winning author William Alexander.

A Properly Unhaunted Place

The town of Ingot is the only place in the world without ghosts. Strangely, it is also the new home of an expert ghost-appeasement specialist librarian and her daughter/apprentice, Rosa. Feeling lost with no ghosts to appease Rosa quickly befriends Jasper, a local peer who has no experience with the supernatural. That soon changes when an angry apparition descends upon sleepy Ingot, forcing the two friends to solve the mystery of how Ingot became so “unhaunted” to begin with.