It’ll be a cold day…

Audiobooks about polar explorers are perfect for any time of year. In the summer, these tales of glaciers and blizzards provide mental relief from the scorching weather. In the winter, the same stories help you maintain your perspective as you watch the snow plow deposit mountains of ice and slush at the end of your freshly-shoveled driveway. After all, it could be worse – when was the last time you got lead poisoning from your canned rations, fell asleep on a glacier and woke up underwater, or were forced to eat your own pants to survive?

In the Kingdom of Ice

After the USS Jeannette is crushed by pack ice, the crew find themselves stranded in unmapped territory with only three small boats and a handful of supplies.

The Man Who Ate His Boots

Generations of British explorers searching for the Northwest Passage in northern Canada face exposure, starvation and death.

The North Pole

Peary’s first-hand account of his 1910 expedition to reach the North Pole after decades of failed attempts.


Shackleton’s first-hand account of his 1914 expedition to cross the Antarctic via the South Pole and the incredible voyage he undertook to rescue his crew.