Before Jack the Ripper, there was the London Monster . . .

Brimming with illustrious imagery, Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster eloquently fuses together an unsolved crime spree from late 1700s London with one of America’s greatest poets of Romanticism. Those who delight in Poe’s literary works will be thrilled to find that his narration of the unfolding events has much of the same rhythm. It is an alluring and dark tale that peaks curiosity while satiating the mind in velvety writing.

Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster

After inheriting a bundle of ominous letters, a disquieted Edgar Allan Poe journeys to London to investigate their disturbing message and how they might connect him to a nefarious family legacy. He enlists the help of his old friend Auguste Dupin to help him solve the mystery between himself, his family, and the London Monster.