JW’s Picks for Spring 2018

I thought I would share the titles of the  books I’m considering reading this spring in hopes of potentially sparking  spontaneous book discussions!

Wolf on a String

Prague 1599, a gifted student stumbling home from the tavern, happens upon the body of a murdered young woman. Initially he is charged with the crime then asked to help solve it.

Huck Out West

Tired of Mississippi, Huck Finn heads out west where he does time (never losing his sense of humor) as a soldier, scout, horse wrangler, stagecoach driver, gold miner and bandit. (historical fiction)

The Crime Writer

While seeking seclusion in a small English village, the author Patricia Highsmith becomes involved in a murder as dark and disturbing as anything in her novels.


Stopping at a local pub, Victor Forde meets a man who claims to have gone to school with him.  Trouble is Victor cannot remember him and for good reason.

Solar Bones

The spirit of Marcus Conway sits in his rural Irish home watching as the good and bad of his entire life passes before him.


A down and presumably out detective helps a client not only locate his father’s stolen Rembrandt but to learn something about his family and himself as well.

Red Clocks

Story of five women trying to cope in an America where abortion is banned and an embryo has more legal rights than it’s mother.