Laughter is Good for the Soul

No matter how you say it, laugh, giggle, chuckle, snort, guffaw or LOL, these books will give you amusement. If you find humor in historically unprecedented romantic breakups, every day occurrences or dysfunctional families, these books have something to offer.

It Ended Badly shares pillow talk and allows readers to relive the romantic endings of some of the world’s most famous couples. Laugh or cry as you get the insider’s scoop of how and why the romance stopped.

If someone’s deepest secrets and confessions make you smile, Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat will surely entertain with stories of everyday life that the authors portray with humorous twists.

Internet sensation Tyler Oakley tells it all. No secrets remain. Binge is his hilarious life story told as only Oakley can tell it.

If you’d rather read fiction, DC Trip and A Window Opens offers readers a humorous look at fictional characters.


In keeping with his trademark humorous online persona, Oakley shares his life in words and photos.

DC Trip

This fictional account of a high school field trip told from the perspective of a young teacher, will stir up memories of high school days.

Does this Beach Make Me Look Fat?

Authors Scottoline and Serritell confess that at one time they worried about how other people perceived them. Not anymore. The authors share stories and confessions while laughing at themselves and with readers.

It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History

From Ancient Rome to Medieval England to Hollywood in the 1950’s, Wright presents the thirteen most heart breaking relationship breakups ever. Discover the stories behind the tragic endings of some of the most famous couples including Nero and Poppaea, Norman and Adele Mailer and Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.


A Window Opens

When Alice’s husband loses his job and resolves to start his own law practice, the couple decides it’s time for Alice to go from full time mother with a part time job to full time working mom.