Let’s Stop Meeting Like This

Raise your hand if you love teamwork and collaboration! Now raise your hand if you love sitting through the endless meetings it often takes to accomplish something as a team. Whether you are in the non-profit or for-profit industry, you have probably attended at least some meetings that seemed to get very little accomplished. If you’re the one running the meeting, you’ve probably wondered how to keep it on track and make sure everyone is engaged.

In Let’s Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done, the authors propose practical ways to make sure your meetings are effective and efficient. While the book aims to speak to everyone involved in a meeting, from attendees to supervisors to the person running the actual meeting, this will speak most to those who regularly schedule and bring people together. The authors cover topics ranging from how to create a welcoming and safe environment, to keeping things on task and running on time, to finding a way to action when a discussion gets stuck.