LGBTQ Feature Films

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Celebrate Pride Month with these picks from the Carnegie Library Music, Film & Audio Department. The Carnegie Library has a sizable LGBTQ film collection, which you can browse online here and here.

Also check out our friends at the Queer Video Vault, who have generously donated many items to the collection!

All About My Mother

A grieving single mother, a pregnant HIV-positive nun, and a witty transgender prostitute form an unlikely family.


Therese and Carol develop a friendship that becomes more, with unintended consequences.

Happy Together

Lai and his boyfriend Ho move from Hong Kong to Argentina in search of a better life.

My Beautiful Laundrette

Omar and Johnny form a relationship and attempt to rehabilitate a laundromat together, but various social forces threaten to tear them apart.


Teenage Alike is a lesbian who is starting to embrace her identity, but is unsure how her more traditional family will react when they find out.

Show Me Love

Two teenage girls couldn’t be more different. Elin is beautiful and popular; Agnes is friendless and secretly in love with Elin.

Stranger By the Lake

Franck falls in love with Michel, a handsome but potentially dangerous man.


After hearing that her boyfriend cheated on her, a transgender call girl and her best friend set out to find him and get revenge.

Tropical Malady

Keng is a soldier stationed in a quiet Thai village. He encounters local boy Tong and the pair become romantically involved.


Russell and Glen meet in a club and engage in a romantic weekend-long affair that unexpectedly leads to something more meaningful.