If You Liked Rear Window…

If you are ready for some chills and thrills this month, pick up the psychological thriller Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson. Kate Priddy, kidnapped and nearly killed by her boyfriend needed a change in her life. After this, her momentary bouts of severe anxiety turned into debilitating panic attacks. Kate temporarily switches apartments with her cousin in Boston, who she has never met, for six months to escape the horrible memories and attempt to start fresh. Soon after she arrives, she discovers that her next-door neighbor has been murdered. When the police question Kate about the murder she has few answers for them but soon has many questions of her own. Jet-lagged and emotionally fragile she sees danger around every corner but the true threat is much darker than she could have imagined and closer than she knows. Her Every Fear kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page and after reading this psychological thriller you will be double checking you windows and doors too.

Her Every Fear

Kate Priddy, an art student from London, temporarily moves to Boston to escape horrible memories back home. Soon after she arrives in Boston, she discovers that her next-door neighbor has been murdered. Kate begins to feel that she is in danger but the danger is much worse than she could have imagined.