Little Thieves

Vanja’s parents see her as bad luck, so they give her to Death and Fortune. These two “low gods” raise her as their goddaughter. She goes on to work as a maid for a princess. The two become friends, until Vanja realizes that she’ll always be a servant first.  

She turns to thievery in hopes of securing a new life. All she wants is to get far away from supernatural godparents and cruel nobles, who all want her to serve. 

When the local protector god catches her stealing, Vanja is cursed to slowly turn into rubies and pearls. She must break the curse before there’s nothing left of her. At the same time, she has to escape an abusive fiancé (who thinks she’s the princess) and the local authorities. 

“Little Thieves” is a tale of magic, complex characters, love, stolen identities, and danger. If you love great worldbuilding and flawed characters, check it out. 

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Little Thieves

Vanja Schmidt knows that no gift is freely given, not even a mother’s love–and she’s on the hook for one hell of a debt. Vanja, the adopted goddaughter of Death and Fortune, was Princess Gisele’s dutiful servant up until a year ago. That was when Vanja’s otherworldly mothers demanded a terrible price for their care, and Vanja decided to steal her future back… by stealing Gisele’s life for herself. You can also check out this title as eBook on Libby/OverDrive or as eAudio on Libby/OverDrive.