Local Authors

Our region is blessed with an abundance of local authors. Their books range from Children’s Fiction to YA Science Fiction to Adult Nonfiction. Nine local authors will gather on Saturday, April 8, 2017, at CLP Beechview. The Book & Author Fair will run from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Come and meet these remarkable folks and learn about their paths to publication. Three of the authors are highlighted here:

Survival Colony 9

Joshua David Bellin is an author of Young Adult Science Fiction. Survival Colony 9 and its sequel Scavenger of Souls tell the story of young Querry who can remember nothing about his past, not even his last name. The world that we know no longer exists. Random colonies of human survivors roam a desolate barren world where resources are scare and fearsome creatures known as the Skaldi attack and destroy at will. Gradually Querry learns the truth about civilization’s destruction and what must be done to secure mankind’s future.

Prisoner 88

Leah Pileggi is the author of the children’s novel, Prisoner 88. Set in 1885, this book relates the surprising tale of ten-year-old Jake Oliver Evans who is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in the Idaho Territorial Penitentiary. How did he find himself in such a harrowing predicament and how will he endure this dark, scary, and lonely place? Based on a true story, Prisoner 88 follows Jake as he is befriended by unexpected individuals who provide an unlikely home for this motherless boy and help him to survive.

Pittsburgh Steps: The Story of the City's Public Stairways

Bob Regan originally published The Steps of Pittsburgh: Portrait of a City in 2004. The book was so popular that it sprang off the shelves and became a collector’s item. Thus, the author felt compelled to happily publish a newer version. So in 2015, Pittsburgh Steps: The Story of the City’s Public Stairways appeared with a newly designed cover, this time in color. Pittsburgh’s special characteristics include its city steps and bridges. Pittsburgh has more of these than any other city in the world. The steps serve as a unique system of transportation, connecting often remote parts of the city with major thoroughfares. Sit back and take a tour of one of the features that help make Pittsburgh truly “Someplace Special.”