A Man called Ove

This is a beautiful story that shows us that our life experiences make us who we are. Ove is a grumpy man who lives each day just as the day before. He finds fault and negativity in everything and everyone. At first, Ove is not likeable or even tolerable. His character transforms the more you read. It all starts with a new family that moves on the street. Ove is a man of integrity and no “fluff”. He is a man of no compliments and follows all of the rules. The story helps us to understand why Ove is this way and gives us a glimpse of his heart, his kindness, and his passion. This is definitely a book that will be forever in my heart and Ove is a character I will never forget.

A Man Called Ove: A Novel

Ove is an unlikely hero; curmudgeonly, eccentric, and unusually meticulous. After his life is turned upside down by the death of his wife, he attempts to retreat into his comforting routine, maintaining neighborhood cleanliness, owning the right model of car (a Volvo, of course), and judging other people who don’t conform to his exacting standards. But his sense of order is continuously disrupted by his boisterous new neighbors, as well as by a mangy and insistent cat. This intimate portrait of everyday human relationships is quirky and charming, reflecting on the stories of love and loss that connect us all.