“Me Time” Tunes

These days it can be difficult to take a moment or two for yourself. We’re busy people often on the go, in a hurry, and probably already late for our next appointment. Yet, it is important to slow down in hectic times. For most of us, spa visits and therapy sessions are likely out of reach. Fortunately music is a good alternative.

The following musical selections are guaranteed to make listeners feel at ease and allow for an elevated state of mind. Using their individual brands of style these artists create worlds for music consumers to inhabit temporarily. Think of listening as a vacation.

Even if there is no time to sit and play an album, have music in the background while engrossed in daily tasks: Dig out your discman, and find an exhilarating rhythm to supplement your morning jog. Take the monotony out of data-entering at the office by plugging in your earbuds. Spice up your kitchen, and play a CD while doing your weekly meal-prep. Gussy up in style, and listen to some of these tunes before a night out. Even if you’re on the clock or on the run, with some good music, any time can be your “me time.”




Ego Death

Ego Death is the third studio album by  The Internet. The Internet’s lead artist Syd, offers a surprisingly addictive listening experience with tremendous talent. The album’s style varies from psychedelic hip-hop to smooth R&B, with themes that warm your heart as well as send chills down your spine. In fact, Ego Death earned The Internet a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2016.  Singles include “Girl” featuring Kaytranada and “Special Affair.” This album features notable talent such as Janelle Monae and Tyler, The Creator. Take an day to listen to Ego Death as a whole, or find your own favorites within the phenomenal song list.



Malibu is the second studio album by artist Anderson .Paak, published in 2015. In Malibu, .Paak combines elements from different eras of R&B, hip hop, and pop, with originality that is modern and fresh. It includes favorites such as “Heart Don’t Stand a Chance” and “Am I Wrong” featuring Schoolboy Q. Many of Malibu‘s songs feature collaborations with talented musicians in the industry. Some include Rapsody and BJ the Chicago Kid. However, the artist has a chance to show his solo talent in other tracks as well. Each song is its own experience, with themes ranging from humble beginnings to triumphant success, from loss to love.  It is a rewarding task to listen to the album from beginning to end, as the songs transition seamlessly. However, it is just as enjoyable to choose your favorite tracks and listen to them individually as well.

Is Your Love Big Enough?

Is Your Love Big Enough?, released in 2012, is the first album by singer-songwriter Lianne la Havas. This 12-track record features subtle instrumentation with emotionally rich original songs. It was named  iTunes Album of the Year in 2012. Her tempo and emotion oscillate between euphoria and credible melancholy, but it is la Havas’ amazing voice that maintains balance throughout the album as a whole.  The artist’s stunning vocals shine against backdrops ranging from  simplistic acoustics to hypnotic synth. I am repeatedly impressed by the variety of textures and perspectives with each listen. Some personal favorite tracks include (but are not limited to) “Au Cinema,” “Gone,” and “Lost & Found.” This CD is the perfect accompaniment for a introspective afternoon at home, or a confidence-boosting jog outdoors.



True is the first EP by Solange, released in 2012. The number of tracks on the album may seem low at seven, yet it is clear that each song was meticulously mastered. Solange brings us hits like “Losing You” and “Lovers in the Parking Lot.” The official genre of True is  neo soul, though it’s difficult to designate one style in the eclectic array of sounds on this record.  Solange demonstrates an impressive emotional range in her EP. She reveals tragic pain in slow, soulful tracks while reveling in triumph in other up-tempo numbers. Solange unites many dissimilar tastes and forms on one CD. Fun, independent beats mingle along sleek, minimalistic soundscapes as Solange commands with her unique vocal style. Definitely worth a listen or many.