“Me Time” Tunes

These days it can be difficult to take a moment or two for yourself. We’re busy people often on the go, in a hurry, and probably already late for our next appointment. Yet, it is important to slow down in hectic times. For most of us, spa visits and therapy sessions are likely out of reach. Fortunately music is a good alternative.

The following musical selections are guaranteed to make listeners feel at ease and allow for an elevated state of mind. Using their individual brands of style these artists create worlds for music consumers to inhabit temporarily. Think of listening as a vacation.

Even if there is no time to sit and play an album, have music in the background while engrossed in daily tasks: Dig out your discman, and find an exhilarating rhythm to supplement your morning jog. Take the monotony out of data-entering at the office by plugging in your earbuds. Spice up your kitchen, and play a CD while doing your weekly meal-prep. Gussy up in style, and listen to some of these tunes before a night out. Even if you’re on the clock or on the run, with some good music, any time can be your “me time.”