A Medium Amount of Creepy

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Often when you read a story about people finding other worlds, the story ends with the character returning home. As a reader, I often didn’t think much beyond the ending of that story. Until I read this book. Every Heart a Doorway is about a young girl named Nancy who goes to a home for Wayward children (not to be confused with Miss Peregrine’s House for Peculiar Children). All the children at the house have traveled to a different world and many of them are trying to find their way back. A wonderfully written tale about finding your true home and solving a mystery along the way.

Every Heart a Doorway

Recently returned from the Underworld, Nancy has no desire to stay at Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. This highly unorthodox boarding school is a sanctuary for girls like Nancy. However, when a killer starts stalking and stealing pieces of the students’ souls, Nancy must keep her peers alive.