Misguided Love

When most of us think of love, we envision a fairy tale ending with happily ever after. But what happens when love somehow becomes an excuse more than a feeling?

M.L. Stedman weaves a story of fairy tale proportion when Tom and Isabel marry and settle down on Janus Rock, far from the Australian mainland, isolated from the rest of civilization. When Isabel loses her second baby, she becomes more determined than ever to be a mother. Needy and desperate, she convinces her husband to do the unthinkable—always insisting that their actions are driven by love.

Jodi Picoult tackles the issues of racism and injustice in modern America in her novel Small Great Things. Ruth, a nurse of 20 years’ experience and the only African American on staff in a Connecticut hospital, finds herself the target of racism and the criminal justice system. A white supremacist couple (Turk and Brit) insists that NO AFRICAN AMERICAN PERSONNEL TAKE CARE of their newborn. The hospital complies with the couple’s demand. When the baby dies, and Ruth is present, she is arrested and charged with murder. As the trial wears on, Turk and Brit’s muddled love is tested.

The thin line between love and hate is extremely evident and cruelly understood.

The Light Between Oceans

When Tom brings his bride to live with him on Janus Rock, the Australian lighthouse island where he lives and works, he is excited to start their lives together. Never suspecting the shocking outcome of the couple’s love.

Small Great Things

Ruth, an African American nurse with more than 20 years’ experience in a Connecticut hospital’s labor and delivery unit, becomes the target of racism when a white supremacist couple demand that she not touch their baby. When tragedy strikes, Ruth finds herself facing murder charges.