Mo Rocca loves to read obituaries, and he has turned this hobby into a successful podcast.  The companion book is the perfect read for those that like to browse through books.  There’s a little something for every reader:  history and science, pop culture, sports and lots of dead people.  Here is a sample of the interesting facts from Mobituaries:

By the end of his life, Lawrence Welk, was the second richest performer in show business, right behind Bob Hope.

Sammy Davis Jr. and Jim Henson both died on May 16, 1990.  Sammy Davis Jr. never guest starred on The Muppet Show.

President Jimmy Carter’s sister Gloria was named Most Outstanding Female Motorcyclist in 1978.

Andrew Johnson is the only president to return to the Senate after the White House.

A young George Washington never cut down a cherry tree.

Mobituaries: Great Lives Worth Reliving

Mo Rocca is an American humorist, television correspondent and writer.  Mobituaries, his popular podcast, chronicles noted dead people and things.  The companion book is chock full of interesting stories and odd facts.