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Moxie feels like a direct product of #MeToo, but remarkably, it was published just one month before that movement exploded onto the scene in October 2017. That month, tens of millions of women around the world took to social media and began sharing their personal experiences of sexual harassment and violence, something that occurs all too frequently and happens everywhere in society – in the streets, the home, the workplace, and even the school.  

Vivian is a sixteen-year old in a small Texas town who is fed up with the constant harassment the girls experience from the boys at her high school, not to mention fed up with the teachers and principals who turn a blind eye to it. After looking through a box of items from the ‘riot grrrl’ feminist punk rock music scene that her mother was a part of when she was younger, Viv decides to do something about it. She starts making zines (a kind of newsletter that was common in the riot grrrl scene) of her own encouraging the girls at school to take a stand and letting them know that it doesn’t have to be like this. The movement she starts offers one of the most important lessons of all: that real change happens when people join together and fight back against injustice, and that young people always have the most important role to play in making that happen. Along the way she also learns a lot of other lessons that every sixteen-year old does about family, friendship, and romance.  

Moxie girls fight back! 


An unlikely teenager starts a feminist revolution at a small-town Texas high school.