Mushy Stories: Tales of Love & Friendship

It’s cold and dreary outside. What better way to spend your time than to snuggle up with a mushy story and let the warm fuzzies wash over you!

In these stories for young children, love and friendship fill the pages. So gather your little ones for some cuddle time, and enjoy a book that is guaranteed to melt your heart and make you smile.

Adrift: An Odd Couple of Polar Bears

When two polar bears find themselves alone together on a small ice floe, they learn to appreciate and like each other despite their differences.

And Tango Makes Three

At New York City’s Central Park Zoo, two male penguins fall in love and start a family by taking turns sitting on an abandoned egg until it hatches.

Hug Machine

The hug machine is available to hug anyone, any time, whether they are square or long, spikey or soft.

I Kissed the Baby!

Various animals tell how they saw, fed, sang to, tickled, and kissed the new duckling.

My Heart is Like a Zoo

Depicts in rhyming text how love can be many different things, such as eager as a beaver, steady as a yak, or silly as a seal.