Not the Amish Way

Violence can happen in the most unexpected places. The Amish community is thought of as being untouched by outside influences – peaceful, forgiving, hard-working and deeply religious. But there are always exceptions to the rule and no group is immune to the human faults and weaknesses that affect us all.  A Killing in Amish Country is based on fact, while Down a Dark Road is a novel but both deal with the dark, violent underside of life and the draw of technology and drugs.

Down a Dark Road: A Kate Burkholder Novel

In the exciting 9th title of this New York Times bestseller series Kate Burkholder, Chief of Police in Painters Mill, Ohio, must capture a convicted murderer before he strikes again. Joseph King is a “fallen” Amish man who has been convicted of murdering his wife.  After he takes his five children hostage at their Amish uncle’s farm, Kate fears for their safety. She reaches out to help, only to find herself trapped at the farmhouse too.  This is not just any man – Kate grew up with Joseph King and as a 13 year-old Amish girl she loved the ground he walked on.  He swears that he is innocent and was wrongly convicted and asks Kate to help him prove his innocence releasing her unharmed. When Kate begins to look deeper into the case she finds that the facts and evidence don’t align and she unearths a horrifying secret.  Who can she trust and did they convict the right person?


A Killing in Amish Country: Sex, Betrayal, and a Cold-blooded Murde


Two bestselling authors look into the case of 30 year-old Barbara Weaver, an Amish wife and mother of five who was murdered in her bed. This case marked only the third time, in 200 years, that an Amish man was suspected of killing his wife. Why was she murdered and was the person convicted truly the person who committed the crime?  This book has twists and turns galore and the most frightening part is that it is all true!