Not Oscar Nominated

These movies won’t win Academy Awards this March. But they will feature over-the-top jokes, huge setpieces, and people driving cars really really fast. Sometimes the Academy is wrong. So check out these films for some unsubtle fun. 

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Veteran comic actors portray the hotheaded executives who oversaw the rise and fall of the world’s first smartphone.

Cocaine Bear

A 500-pound heavily intoxicated black bear tears through a forest in Georgia in this work of cinema that’s precisely as outrageous as its title. 

The Equalizer 3

In the third installment of Pittsburgh native Antoine Fuqua’s action trilogy, former assassin Robert McCall takes on organized crime in Southern Italy.

Fast X

The iconic action-adventure franchise ratchets up the intensity with vengeance, speed, and heart.

House Party

Hired to clean Lebron James’s mansion, Kevin and Damon decide to throw a party at the house instead. This remake of the 1990 film even includes an appearance by the Illuminati. 

The Machine

Successful stand-up comedian and real-life inspiration for Van Wilder, Bert Kreisher returns to Russia to sort out some misunderstandings about that time he robbed a train with the mob.

The Wrath of Becky

A bloody and funny follow-up to 2020’s Becky, this sequel features its lead character hunting down members of a militia so she can rescue her dog. This title is also available for checkout on Hoopla.