One Book, Every Young Child

One Book, Every Young Child is a statewide initiative that promotes the importance of early literacy development for children ages three to six. Each April, Pennsylvania celebrates a book whose story and illustrations encourage children’s imaginations and love of reading.

The beauty of the natural world can be found all around us if only we take the time to look. Many people acknowledge that beauty with words and illustrations. This year’s One Book, Every Young Child selection is Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer. We follow a boy each day of the week as he tries to find answers to the question “What is poetry?” The answer leads to a beautifully written poem about nature.

Poetry is an excellent tool for promoting a child’s language development skills: rhythm, vocabulary, phonemic awareness and memorization.

There are many great books that explore the wonders of nature, seasons, and animals, while many more include poetry and nursery rhymes for children. Reading any of these books aloud will help children take those important steps in developing a life-long pleasure for reading.

Changes: A Child's First Poetry Collection

A collection of 28 seasonally organized poems celebrates the delightful, unexpected moments that arise as the months pass, temperatures change, and the Earth transforms itself.

Daniel Finds a Poem

A little boy’s animal friends help him discover the poetry to be found in nature.

Dig In!

A little boy digs, plays, and explores in his garden.

Nature's Day: Discover the World of Wonder on Your Doorstep

Nature is all around you–from your own front doorstep to the wild and wonderful woods and the farmyard and fields beyond–and every day, the world you live in changes as the seasons roll onward from spring to winter. This book will help you explore and understand the magic of nature by taking you back to eight outdoor locations throughout the year, and explaining how the wildlife is changing, season by season.