Pennsylvania Horror Stories for Halloween

October is time for all things scary. Check out these horror titles with a Pennsylvania setting.

Dark Hollow

Women in a rural Pennsylvania town begin to disappear, as they are lured into the woods by a creature resembling the Greek God Pan. You won’t want to put down this hybrid of contemporary magic and Greek mythology.


A mysterious creature is seen roaming through this rural Amish Pennsylvania backdrop. With vivid imagery Egolf describes the rich landscape and wanderings of the werewolf-like being, and its encounters with the locals. Satirical humor adds to the flavor of this tale.

Out of the Woods

A mental patient in a hospital that’s about to close is ranting about the coming of the end of the world. Is it just the ravings of a lunatic or does he know for sure? This fast-paced novel filled with Lovecraftian creatures will chill you to the core.

13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale

In this first of a series in a world where vampires are thought to be extinct, a new murder looking strangely like a vampire attack is being investigated. Pennsylvania state trooper Caxton is on the case, but she soon realizes the perpetrator is after more than just blood.

Two Worlds and In Between

This short story collection includes a Johnstown Flood horror tale from 1889, as well as stories set in other U.S. cities, in this selection of contemporary paranormal fantasy that showcases Kiernan’s broad talent.